Tasteful Tuesday.

Another week of meals! This week has repeats, I have been craving spaghetti and Rylee asked for it the other day. Wednesday, the kids don’t have church since it’s Thanksgiving, so making something quick and easy for supper. Then Friday, I have been wanting steak so steak it is! Monday: Leftovers/takeout Tuesday: Spaghetti Wednesday: LemonContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

A little late posting today! Another Tasteful Tuesday is here, and honestly there isn’t much “planned” for the week! This morning we had our first semi load of cattle go out, so that was super exciting! I made the guys sausage and biscuits this morning while also in charge of taking Cooper to practice thisContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Thankful for Him.

It has been 10 years since we met each other. 10 years that you have met my son.My son who you have treated as your own. You share your own jokes, pranks, and likes with each other. You have been the one to step up and give him a father figure.A father figure so well,Continue reading “Thankful for Him.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Phew! Another Tasteful Tuesday has arrived! Do you spy some repeats?! I know I do! With the much needed rain the guys didn’t get in the field this weekend, but should be finishing up today! Not long enough for me to deliver the last meal to the field though. Harvest 2022 should officially be OVERContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Ready for the Calm.

Harvest is basically over with, and let me tell you I am so happy about that! I know there is still a lot to do to be ready for winter, but the late nights are finished (or soon to be). 20 acres is all that is left of the neighbors, and that should be doneContinue reading “Ready for the Calm.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

A full week and (hopefully) the last week of meals to the field! As I am typing this the guys are finishing our last field of corn (yay!). Then they will move equipment to a neighbors field that they have been helping with harvest to finish up his. With Halloween being Monday, my week mightContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

It has been so crazy here lately. Just when I thought things might slow down some they have picked back up. Looks like I am going to be off of field delivery a couple times this week due to the MUCH needed rain! Even though I am not delivering food to the guys, our familyContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Tasteful Tuesday, is back again! Not planning on too many leftovers this week with my meals. Plus picked up another day for meals in the field. I tried a new recipe for dessert last night and it was delicious!! Monday: Garlic Butter Tilapia, mashed potatoes, lemon Oreo dessert Tuesday: Taco Mac & Cheese Wednesday: ItalianContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Another week and this one is packed with some favorites! One new recipe for the main dish and one new one for the dessert! Monday: Baked Ziti/Caesar Salad/Parmesan Knots/Cinnamon Apple dump cake Tuesday: Smoked loin/Sour Cream potatoes/Baked beans/Strawberry Shortcake fluff Wednesday: Pepperoni and Cheese Sticks with a Caesar salad Thursday: Leftovers Friday: Leftovers Make sureContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”


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