Tasteful Tuesday.

Another week of meals is here! This week’s meals are pretty easy and delicious! Trying crock-pot goulash for the first time on Thursday, we have a cross country meet and soccer practice that day, so it will be a late night. Having planned my meals for the guys in the field has really made itContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Harest is Here.

Fall is here which means harvest is here. This is a post that I will probably repeat year after year. I love everything about fall, but harvest is the tricky part. I love the weather, the smells, everything that goes with fall. Then we throw harvest into the mix and I remember why I haveContinue reading “Harest is Here.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Another Tasteful Tuesday in the books! This week is a little different because it’s officially the first day/week of harvest 2022 for us! Yesterday, I had my hands full and supper didn’t get out to the guys when I wanted it to, but they had issues and worked later so it worked out well. ItContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Harvest is Near.

I am in no means ready for fall. Sam told me the other day that if everything goes right they should be in the field at the end of the week. Holy smokes. You know when you think you are ready for something, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it’s here? Yeah,Continue reading “Harvest is Near.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Planning ahead this week came easier than others. I had my meals planned out since the beginning of last week, since I knew I would need some groceries. A couple new recipes that I am trying this week. Last nights meal was a new one. It wasn’t horrible…the kids all loved it, but I wouldContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

I am beginning to think these weekly menus are the only things I am capable of posting. It’s been super crazy here with sports starting back up and school! I am on the go constantly. This weeks menu has a repeat because I made lunch twice for the guys last week for chipping silage. WeContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Last week my menu changed. I forgot I had one starting soccer on Thursday nights, so those nights will be designated to crockpot meals from here on out! I didn’t get the fish made, and that was highly requested from my oldest. It got moved to this week instead now! Only one new meal forContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

I might be slacking on my daily posting again, but I am not slacking on my menus now that school has started back up! Check out this week’s menu! Monday: Tator Tot Casserole Tuesday: Stuffed Enchilada Shells Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: Garlic Butter Tilapia Friday: Creamy Garlic Shells As always be sure to check out theContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Here I am getting back into the swing of Tasteful Tuesday! School has officially started, and I am a little sad about my little guy being in kindergarten. How is that possible? I wish he was home with me all day. He fortunately is over the moon about starting Kindergarten! This week are repeats, butContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Let’s Try it Again.

Welp, Miss Rylee girl had a big birthday last week, and the day before it she decided to get a double ear infection. Poor girl! Her birthday party was scheduled for last Saturday, and Friday night she decided to spike a temp. She just didn’t feel up to doing anything, so I felt like itContinue reading “Let’s Try it Again.”


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