I did it.

For years, and I mean YEARS I have tried making my beloved chocolate chip cookies and I have never succeeded. I have no idea why not, because I would follow step by step the recipe and they just never turned out. I could make the crap out of Chocolate Crinkle cookies day after day though. It was always the chocolate chip ones that would never turn out. I told myself this weekend I would try again, as I had the sudden craving for them. This morning I set my butter out to let it get warm temperature. Once it was ready I got to work. Boy oh boy they were looking great. The real test was the bake test! That's the part I always would struggle on. They just never looked right. I don't know how many cookies I have thrown out because this is the part that never turns out. I made sure I watched them closely so I wouldn't burn them. The first batch I put in for 3 minutes even though the recipe says 7-8. The timer went off and they didn't look anywhere close to being done. I set the timer for 2 more minutes. When it went off some were already browning more than I wanted, so I pulled them out and let them cool down. The next batch I put in for 4 minutes and they were not ready so put them in for 30 seconds and they came out perfectly! Now, for the real test...the taste test...the cookies passed with flying colors! So delicious and so easy! I mean if I can make these anyone can make these!! Check out the recipe here: https://thedashleyskitchen.com/old-fashioned-chocolate-chip-cookie/

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