Tasteful Tuesday.

A little late posting today! Another Tasteful Tuesday is here, and honestly there isn’t much “planned” for the week! This morning we had our first semi load of cattle go out, so that was super exciting! I made the guys sausage and biscuits this morning while also in charge of taking Cooper to practice this morning, getting the kids up and ready for school, and to the bus. I got it done though! Once we got back from taking the kids to the bus, Heath and I loaded up the van and took the crock-pots of food to the new barn. I really can’t wait until that is complete! Some day…once we delivered that we stayed and watched the cattle load up on the semi. Then came back inside to clean up the kitchen and get a roast in the crock pot! This week doesn’t have much, but I tripled the sausage and biscuits, so I am sure we will have leftovers from that, and our roast always lasts for a few days too! The kids have a church gathering every Wednesday, so they eat there. Cooper has another wrestling meet Thursday, so it will either be leftovers/concessions, or a quick sheet pan meal when we get back! If I don’t make the sheet pan meal on Thursday then I will make it Friday!

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Roast

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Chicken and Asparagus Sheet Pan meal

Friday: Leftovers

As always find the full recipes here: https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/

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