Break over yet?

Is break over yet?! Seriously, the kids aren’t too bad BUT when they are I am just so over it. The nit picking, the screaming, the crying, the name calling, the whatever else they could possibly come up it is happening. I can’t take it. I love my kids, but holy cow when school is in session it’s wonderful. I just hope that they behave/listen better than what they do here.

This past month has been crazy, the week of Thanksgiving I got strep, and boy oh boy do I not wish that on anyone as an adult! The absolute worst thing ever! After that, Rylee had a double ear infection and she is still currently dealing with it. She has been on three different medications and none have them have even touched her ear infection. We are on a brand new medication for her and I am hoping it does the trick! We go Tuesday, for a follow up to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to do. I am guessing we might be getting referred to an ENT. Which isn’t the end of the world at least we would be able to maybe get something figured out. Now Heath has a little cold and runny nose. Since he sneaks into our bedroom at night and basically lays on top of me guess who has it now?! Yup! Me! I can’t wait for this to pass and we all can feel and be better. Thankfully it is a few runny noses and coughs. I can handle that. I am just ready for a healthy house.

The kiddos go back to school this Thursday, and new activities start up again. Back to getting organized and full speed ahead until spring…that I am not ready for especially when it comes to activities! That comes at another time and no reason to stress about it now.

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