A Quiet Day.

The kiddos are in swimming lessons and today they were postponed due to not enough staff going to be there. They will make them up on Friday. Well, Sam had planned on taking Heath our youngest for the day because he isn’t doing much other than hauling bales. Heath enjoys doing that and it’s safeContinue reading “A Quiet Day.”

Got Some Work In.

I don’t think time will ever slow down. It has its advantages, but more than that it has disadvantages. I just feel we are constantly running, never caught up, and I know my husband feels the same especially in farming. We have our different seasons throughout the year, and even in winter they still stayContinue reading “Got Some Work In.”

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift.

When you think of Father’s Day, and seeing all the ads or commercials what is the main gift that you see? Drum roll…a grill or smoker or something along those lines. Let me fill you in on a little secret…my husband isn’t a fan of either one of these. Does he grill? Yes, but heContinue reading “The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Last week was again chaos, so we didn’t have much of a menu planned…but we did have supper I promise! You are probably thinking man they really love their chicken drumsticks…well we do like them, but we haven’t had them since I have planned for them in the past few weeks. Remember it has beenContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”