Tasteful Tuesday.

Phew! Another Tasteful Tuesday has arrived! Do you spy some repeats?! I know I do! With the much needed rain the guys didn’t get in the field this weekend, but should be finishing up today! Not long enough for me to deliver the last meal to the field though. Harvest 2022 should officially be OVERContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

A full week and (hopefully) the last week of meals to the field! As I am typing this the guys are finishing our last field of corn (yay!). Then they will move equipment to a neighbors field that they have been helping with harvest to finish up his. With Halloween being Monday, my week mightContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Harest is Here.

Fall is here which means harvest is here. This is a post that I will probably repeat year after year. I love everything about fall, but harvest is the tricky part. I love the weather, the smells, everything that goes with fall. Then we throw harvest into the mix and I remember why I haveContinue reading “Harest is Here.”

Tasteful Tuesday.

Another Tasteful Tuesday in the books! This week is a little different because it’s officially the first day/week of harvest 2022 for us! Yesterday, I had my hands full and supper didn’t get out to the guys when I wanted it to, but they had issues and worked later so it worked out well. ItContinue reading “Tasteful Tuesday.”

Harvest is Near.

I am in no means ready for fall. Sam told me the other day that if everything goes right they should be in the field at the end of the week. Holy smokes. You know when you think you are ready for something, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it’s here? Yeah,Continue reading “Harvest is Near.”