Feeling of let down

Beginning of silage at our house 2021

It’s slowly (ha I shouldn’t say slowly) starting to be fall around here. With that being said fall is a love/hate relationship, and I will forever sound like a broken record when it comes to this season. Being on the farm and/or married to a farmer means it’s one of the busiest times of the year. Although, with livestock we are ALWAYS busy! However, it’s silage time around here and our guys just finished with the three bags that we needed. It wasn’t easy getting them with breakdowns, and two tires blown on wagons and late nights, early mornings. That process is complete though (yay) 1 thing down only a million more things to go! 🙂 Onto the next, my farmer has been helping work cattle for his friend who lives oh 30-ish minutes away while they are down help. I am so glad he is able to help them in a time of need. Today is a get the bare necessities done and spend time with the family kind of day since he has been pushing so hard lately. Then he was asked to help in the morning to work cattle again and he said yeah no problem. Fine I get it that’s no big deal. I don’t know why I hold my breath when I hear that it’s a family day or “easy” day because it never ends up being just that. Well…when he finally got in last night he got a phone call and it was another friend asking if he could help with silage tomorrow afternoon. Guess who’s family day just went to shit?! Yuuuppp you guessed it! MINE! Which I get it I would in no way not want Sam to help his friends, because they have bailed us out when we absolutely needed the help when we didn’t even ask for it numerous of times. Plus, it’s one thing I love about this lifestyle helping others is not expected, but it just kind of goes along with the “job”. I can’t help but feel let down which I know I shouldn’t worry about because I mean that only makes me human right?! As long as he comes home safe and healthy that’s all that matters. We will continue to hold the fort down here at home. Even if I am on my last straw of sanity by the time he gets in for the night. That’s mom life/farm wife life 😉

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