Harest is Here.

Fall is here which means harvest is here. This is a post that I will probably repeat year after year. I love everything about fall, but harvest is the tricky part. I love the weather, the smells, everything that goes with fall. Then we throw harvest into the mix and I remember why I haveContinue reading “Harest is Here.”

Harvest is Near.

I am in no means ready for fall. Sam told me the other day that if everything goes right they should be in the field at the end of the week. Holy smokes. You know when you think you are ready for something, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it’s here? Yeah,Continue reading “Harvest is Near.”

A Quiet Day.

The kiddos are in swimming lessons and today they were postponed due to not enough staff going to be there. They will make them up on Friday. Well, Sam had planned on taking Heath our youngest for the day because he isn’t doing much other than hauling bales. Heath enjoys doing that and it’s safeContinue reading “A Quiet Day.”

Got Some Work In.

I don’t think time will ever slow down. It has its advantages, but more than that it has disadvantages. I just feel we are constantly running, never caught up, and I know my husband feels the same especially in farming. We have our different seasons throughout the year, and even in winter they still stayContinue reading “Got Some Work In.”

Can we find a reasonable substitute.

I recently was scrolling through Facebook, and came across a post that there would be a gathering at the cemetery this afternoon for a balloon release after the burial. Now please do not take me to be someone who is very insensitive, BUT for the love of God…please do NOT release balloons into the skyContinue reading “Can we find a reasonable substitute.”

You Can’t Make This Shit Up.

I have heard this saying WAY too many times this week, heck this month! When I told you May was a busy month for me I meant the first two weeks, but honestly it hasn’t slowed down any at all. It has stayed pretty consistent with it being busy, and throwing MANY unexpected things ourContinue reading “You Can’t Make This Shit Up.”