Birthdays, they have always been a thing where I have these elaborate ideas in my mind and then executing them just gets me all kinds of stressed out. I applaud all of you that just go far out in all your decorations and what not. I decided that’s just not my thing. Instead I focus on making the homemade ice cream and cupcakes. Ha how is that less stressful you ask?! The hell if I know, but I sure don’t get near as stressed about it all. (Well kind of) I think the last birthday party I did a few months ago was the first one I didn’t stress out about. I make my ice cream the week leading up to the party, and then make the cupcakes the day before along with cleaning the house. The day of the party I decorate, and honestly it is what it is at that point. It’s nothing elaborate there are a few decorations and I call it good. Oh wait, balloons we must have balloons in our house when it comes to birthdays. I call it a win if there’s smiling and laughing…and I’ll be honest I haven’t been to a party yet where neither of those happened! The kids are going to love it whether it’s decked out with decorations or if there are a total of five balloons. They will have a smile on their face and will have “the best day ever!” Don’t stress over it, it will be what it will be and life will move forward with everyone happy.

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