That friend.

We all need that friend. I don’t know about you, but as I have graduated high-school and settled down with my husband and family I am not one who needs to go out and do something. I am just happy at home literally doing nothing but sit on the couch. I wasn’t always like that so maybe that’s why I am that way now. If I get asked to do something I will agree to it, but then instantly regret it (whoops) then the day comes I have to do it and I am just dreading it. However, it always turns out that I have a good time and I was just being “me”- go figure ha!

Well this year, my daughter is in 2nd grade and she has been having friends over for birthday parties for the past few years and that’s about it. This year she has a friend who we all need in our lives. They are outgoing, make you get up and do something even if you aren’t wanting to, make you smile and laugh when you absolutely need it, and all around a good person to have in your life. My girl doesn’t ask to have friends over very often at all, so when she does I make every effort to make it happen for her. Yesterday, her friend who has many times before sent me a message asking what we are doing today, and in return usually ends up with her coming to our house or Ry goes to her house sent me a message. At first I pulled back into my ways of oh man I don’t want to do anything. Then I stopped myself and said this isn’t about me this is about Ry. Completely unexpected we had a sleepover yesterday at our house. Our very FIRST sleepover and miss Ry was over the moon excited for that! The uncontrollable laughter, the smiles, the girl talks, the movie with popcorn, morning hot chocolate talks while waiting for breakfast to be ready, every single thing about it made my heart burst! I got a glimpse of the future and a flashback of my past as I heard them and watched them write their crushes names on paper and giggled over it.

That one little message that I didn’t know we all needed yesterday afternoon turned our weekend into a fantastic one! Get yourself a friend who will unexpectedly change your world and pick you up when you don’t even know that you need it.

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