Cleaning out.

Today’s goal is to go through all my clothes in my closet and donate what I do not want or like….or donate the ones that I told myself yes on the last time I went through them and still have not worn. Pretty famous for that one! That means every single one of my clothes will be put on my bed and I will go through them all. I am actually looking forward to it! One thing that I have learned in life or at least what I am trying to live by now a days is being minimal. That’s what I am going to try and tackle today! I have so many clothes “but can never find anything to wear” so my goal is to go through them all and be reasonable on what I do and do not keep. I walk into my closet and have items organized as to shirts, tanks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves, dresses, and it’s to the point that I am struggling with trying to see what I have. It’s time to donate again! I am not going to lie it is a little unsettling going through clothes and donating them, but once I do it I get a sudden rush of fulfillment. Here is to cleaning out the closet and being reasonable on all the things. Oh and to putting a yield on buying more to replace what I got rid of. Another thing I am guilty for!

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