Productive day off.

I work three days a week and then have two days off. During those two days off I try and get my to do lists done. I just try and be productive the best that I can be. Don’t get me wrong some of those days I slack a little more than usual. Just depends on the day and the week. I start my mornings out getting the kiddos ready for school, and then once they are gone is when I enjoy a hot cup of coffee. After my coffee I start making breakfast and while I am eating breakfast I will catch up on a show. Then I get started on my to do list after that. Well this morning I just sat down and started watching 8 minutes of the bachelor (yeah I know trash t.v.) but I enjoy it more than I should. I hear a knock on the door, thinking it was my husband forgetting something, but no it wasn’t. It was my brother in law…he needed to get something he started awhile ago finished. He was in the office which is fine. I just like to watch my shows by myself…yes, I know this is weird but it just who I am. Instead of watching my show while eating, I made hard boiled eggs and then went straight into my list and my list got bigger as I started to pull the vacuum out of the closet. The other day the guys worked cattle and Sam needed chairs for eating lunch on. Of course I had them all tucked away in my closet because we hardly use them. Well he helped himself to them and then literally threw everything back into the closet and closed it fast. Maybe he didn’t, but that is seriously what it looked like when I opened the door. That ended up being the next thing on my list. Cleaning out the closet and organizing it better than what it was before. I got Grahm’s room picked up while the boys were destroying Heath’s room (eye roll but mom life). Laundry complete, vacuuming complete, master bedroom deep cleaned including moping the floors, Rylee’s bedding washed put back on and her room picked up, kitchen cleaned, and I am sure I am missing something else but heck it was a very productive day off and it feels so dang good. I was finally going to sit back down and start watching the bachelor again….and knock, knock, knock on the door. Of course Sam would come the second I sit down and want to have lunch. I made it very clear that I just sat down and I WAS going to watch my show. He got the point and made his lunch and sat down to eat it. All is good! Now, waiting for the kiddos to get home so we can get Miss Rylee packed for her trip with grandma!

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