A boy day.

Sis is gone so it is a boy weekend until she get back home! We started off our day by getting the boys’ their haircuts, and then they have been asking to replace their fish. That’s just what we did and let me tell you we definitely got a tour of the fish place! I couldn’t say enough about it! The boys and I get there and I make sure they understand that we aren’t yelling, running, touching the tanks just leave them be and just look. When we got in there they were so excited and they behaved wonderfully! (phew) They don’t have just fish there they have turtles, tortoise, snakes, geckos, rats, mice, hermit crabs, I mean close to everything! Well I think they got their day made when the owner asked if they wanted to touch the tortoise…this tortoise was TINY the smallest one I have ever seen! Some day it will get as big as the ones they have at the zoos! I could have easily taken it home, but knew I wasn’t going to get away that easy from my husband. Then he got the bearded dragons out and the boys got to pet and hold them. My two year old stayed so calm and quiet and held one all by himself he was L-O-V-I-N-G it! Then they got to pet a snake, rat, a bigger bearded dragon, and a gerbil. Whether or not we walked out of there with or without and fish their days were made right then and there! It was so nice to be able to have a boys day it has been entirely too long since it was just the boys and I going somewhere fun! We walked out with three new fish one each for the boys and a fun memory made by all!

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