Bless His Little Heart.

This sweet boy really pulled on my heart this morning. It was just me and four kiddos this morning to get them all ready and to the bus on time. We managed just fine, but the dang dogs wouldn’t shut up when the tractor started. (big ol’ eye roll there) Especially Nash, our cattle dog…he instantly freaks out when he hears a tractor or any machine start up. He is afraid he is going to miss out on something. Which isn’t a bad thing, but at 6 in the morning when all my kids are still sleeping it’s a really, really, bad thing. Anyways, after I let the dogs out and cussed a bit…I went down and got Rylee up. While I was helping her get clothes picked out I heard a little one upstairs. I thought it was Grahm because he usually doesn’t sleep in and is up before everyone. I tried making Rylee hurry a little more and we finally got upstairs. Well it wasn’t Grahm it was Mister Heath, and that kid ran so fast to me and grabbed onto me so tight and just let out the biggest cry. I could tell he was so scared because he didn’t know where anyone was. My heart sank. Poor little man thought he was in the house by himself in the dark. After I picked him up he was attached tightly to me the rest of the morning in fear that I was going to leave him. Broke this mama’s heart.

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