Challenge Accepted.

What would you do if your 13 year old challenged you to a jalapeno pepper contest? Would you pass or accept it? I accepted it! The two of us our pretty competitive so I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy challenge. We had slices of jalapenos left over from tacos and salsa the other night, so we had 11 1/2 slices per person. Coop learned after the 3rd round that the ones with the seeds in them were the hotter ones. Haha! We started with one pepper at a time and added one more to it each round. We set the timer for one minute after we swallowed the pepper and you couldn’t take a drink until the timer went off. He put up a good fight! The last round we had 5 1/2 peppers in our mouth and that’s the one that got me. It was down to only peppers that had seeds in them. I think Coop and I had our three cups of milk for the day after that round. I don’t drink milk, but I couldn’t get enough of it. Cooper waited until I took the first drink and claimed that he won because I took a drink first. Little turd, but I will give it to him…he had a lot of peppers with the seeds in it and they were packing heat.

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