Dirty Laundry.

Folding towels today, yuck! It’s probably my least favorite thing to do. I don’t mind many household cleaning chores, but this one I just dread. This will be the one thing that will sit and stare at me and I just won’t care that they are sitting there. The kids enjoy doing it though, so I give them the wash cloths and they fold them for me. Anyways, my question is how many times do you use a towel before you wash it? Before I met my husband I would only use it once and then I would wash it. I thought it was disgusting that he used the same one multiple times. He thought I was crazy. He said what’s the big deal when you are using it to dry yourself off after you literally just cleaned your whole body in the shower. Yeah, okay one thing I changed after meeting him. He won. (Don’t tell him that) 🙂 I use my towel 3-4 times before I wash it. Obviously it may be earlier than that just depends. It makes sense, and then I don’t have towels to wash near as often as I used to! How many times do you use your towel before washing it?

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