Storms rolling in.

Photo by Josh Sorenson on

It’s no secret that we have been hit by too many storms lately in the past few years. I am not a fan of storms or more so tornado producing storms. I have always freaked out when it comes to that. Our house/farm got hit pretty hard by the Derecho that passed through a couple years ago. Whenever a new storm presents itself I instantly go back to that time. Thankfully our family was save, but a lot of people took a big hit when it came to damage including ourselves. Last night as the tornado was lined up to come straight to us, I remained calm for the kids because I know it makes them anxious too. For whatever reason the storm went around us. Thank you Lord for that. The kids mostly the younger ones were asking so many questions about what will happen if a tornado comes and saying with there be glass, broken windows, will the farm be okay, will the animals be okay, and so on. I told them that it was definitely a possibility of all those things to happen. I reminded them though, that if something happened like that or if our house got damaged the most important thing is that we are safe. I reminded them we would stand tall, pick up the broken, and rebuild whatever we needed to. Reassuring them that everything would be okay and no matter what happens as long as we were all safe that’s all that mattered. The storm passed and left a much needed rain that we desperately needed…which got us set for spring. Unfortunately, my side of the family did take a hit from the storm. Everyone is safe, but it’s just a mess with some loss of equipment and building. I know in time of loss it can be so depressing, so maddening, so worrisome, but what I love the most out of all that is the people who show up and are there to help you the next day, week, or months that you need them to be there without having to ask. Sam showed up on the farm to help with clean up this morning, and said that there were already 10 vehicles there helping out. I just freaking love that. In a time of need people show up, those are the people you need in your life even if it’s someone you might not keep in touch with on a daily basis. You know they are there for you.

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