Chop chop.

Welp, I did it! I have seriously been pinning pictures of short hair onto my Pinterest board for years. Never having enough guts to actually go through with it. I made my appointment last month still not 100% sure that I was chopping it. These past couple of weeks leading up to me getting my hair cut I just said screw it let’s do it! If I didn’t like it I know my hair will grow back over time. Well, I normally tell my husband in advance if I am cutting my hair or keeping it the same. This time however, I said nope I am just going to do it. Not that I need permission to do whatever I want with my hair, but to just give him a heads up. I talked with my hairstylist and she thought it would be a perfect new do. I questioned about bangs because I had been thinking hard about it. She decided bangs like straight across wouldn’t be a good idea, but more so bangs that shaped my face. I just told her do it. Then away she went with cutting and doing her work. Not going to lie, as she turned me around once she was done styling….I was not loving it at all. Like I got in my car and straight up said I hate my fucking hair. It is a HUGE adjustment, but the more I keep looking at it I am realizing I can learn to love this hairstyle. I definitely need to do some playing with it, but I think overall I am happy with my hair. I called my husband and all I said was….my hair is short but it will grow back. Pretty sure I made him shit his pants. He had the youngest kiddo while I went to my appointment. I totally hid from him when he brought Heath back inside. HAHA! I know he was taken back when he first saw it, but like I told him it will grow back. Overall I am glad I did it, I needed a change and this was the perfect one! It’s only hair, but for now I am content with it. Here is to playing around with a new do!

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