One Day You Will Understand.

It’s late, but I am taking this time in silence to reflect on my day. Sometimes I wonder how I keep pushing through these tough days or busy days. The Lord put me here and in this life of mine because he knew I could handle it. Another busy night for Sam in the field/workingContinue reading “One Day You Will Understand.”

Low Point.

Yesterday I hit an all time low when it came to my relationship with Sam. It has been so crazy here which I have said before. Busy with family activities, extra sporting events, Sam in the field working late. It’s just me at home with the kiddos. Which isn’t bad at all I don’t mindContinue reading “Low Point.”

Living in chaos.

Oh hey! Did you miss me?! Remember me telling you this month was just going to be absolutely crazy when it comes to our family schedule!? Well that was no joke! I honestly have been in go mode for the past week to two weeks and after this weekend it (might) fingers crossed slow down.Continue reading “Living in chaos.”

When He Notices.

This past weekend we spent all Sunday afternoon, well and night for that matter watching the guys burn. Usually we are a little more involved and right there with the guys when they are doing it because we ride with Sam when he does it. Well since we have currently four rangers we all hadContinue reading “When He Notices.”

Imperfectly human.

I have been busy typing, but the things I have been typing are things that I cannot share. I know where is the fun in that? I was recently asked if I started a website, referring to this. I have always found writing/journaling to be very therapeutic. I know a lot of what I shareContinue reading “Imperfectly human.”