Tasteful Tuesday.

Another round of Tasteful Tuesday is here. If you spot some repeats from last week nice work! Totally have repeats! Last week we ended up not having baked ziti or the roast! I got home and started supper for the baked ziti and had everything but the correct noodles, and it;s just not the same without penne pasta. I ended up making One Pan Cheeseburger Macaroni which is another good one! I added that to the recipe page, so make sure you check it out! Then, Friday the guys took off to go to the gun show and I wasn’t making a huge roast for pretty much myself. It’s going to get made when I am working, so I don’t have to worry about supper when I get home! Alright, here is the menu for this week!

Monday: Roast

Tuesday: Tacos…can’t skip a taco Tuesday!

Wednesday: Ravioli Bake, this is a super simple recipe that doesn’t take much effort at all. Which is exactly what I need on my Wednesday nights.

Thursday: Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, another super easy meal throw it in the crock-pot and let it do its thing! Going to make a coleslaw to go with it!

Friday: Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken, I haven’t made this but it sounds pretty simple and delicious. Plus, I won’t get home until later in the night so it will be perfect to come home to!

As always, check out the full recipes here: https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/

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