Beautiful Weekend.

Wow, was it a beautiful weekend! We spent all our free time outside and it was just what we needed! We had our nephew’s birthday party, which was great to get together with everyone. Then Sunday, we went to church and Sam joined us for the first time in a long time. All I have to say is he most likely will not be coming back unless he has to! I always bring a bag of toys and snacks for the kids, so it keeps them busy. Although I am not sure if that makes things worse than if I didn’t bring toys. Maybe they would be quieter? Sam might be a little more picky when it comes to the kids volume in church. Yes there were times where they were loud, but some of the times that he told them to quiet down I thought they were okay. Heath, was being a little stinker in church. He decided to exit the pew on the side we were not sitting on. Well that had trouble written all over it. 😬 Sam decided to go get him…well that just made it a game for Heath. He took off towards the front and was going in and out of the pews just laughing and being ornery. All while Sam was trying to get him. Literally everyone was laughing while watching it all go down, and the pastor was trying to control his laugh while pushing through his message. Sam finally got Heath, as we are all staring at him laughing. He went downstairs with him and we all tried to contain our laughter. Not going to hold my breath that he will be with me on Sunday for church. After church we came home had some lunch and then packed up some snacks for a ranger ride while looking for sheds! We made out pretty well with the number of sheds we found. The kids were pretty excited!

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