Self Care.

How many of you take time for self care? I probably did more than I really knew, but lately I have been making sure I do it. Self care can come in all different ways. One way I love to do it is my nails. I have ALWAYS been obsessed with doing my nails from as far as I can remember. The amount of nail polish I had was probably unhealthy. I love painting my nails, but I am not a fan of it chipping within a day of me applying it. I tried gel polish with the uv light and again didn’t have luck with it staying on. That’s why I turned to Red Aspen, because they had amazing glue on nails with great solids or prints. I don’t have much when it comes to nails, so I love that I was able to get the shape I was wanting by the glue on nails and they lasted two weeks! My only down fall was I spent entirely way too much on them. While strolling through Amazon, I would always come across dip powders I thought I would give it a try. Except I wanted the shape and longer nails like I had with Red Aspen, so I decided to try and look for plain white or clear glue on nails to give me the shape I was wanting and then just powder dip those. Well hello, that made a huge difference and I love that I am still able to have the shape and enjoy actually doing my nails. The nails last even longer than Red Aspen, and I buy them in bulk so I can get over 100 glue on nails for seriously $9. I can still enjoy doing my nails at home for cheap without having to spend hundreds at a nail salon. If you decide to grab yourself some powder dips, just make sure you get a set that includes the base/activator/top coats or you will need to add those onto your order!

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