Spring Time.

Another beautiful weekend in the books. It’s been raining this past week, so we have plenty of mud and puddles for the kiddos to get dirty in. I came across memories the other day on my phone, and it was of our oldest and I being outside before we had extra kiddos running around. We had a rubber boots on and were adventuring off into the mud and lots of puddles. This weekend, the three young kiddos and I did just that! We got our rubber boots on and I just let them run. They definitely found those mud puddles and didn’t once hesitate getting into it. at one point Grahm had muddy water all over his face and in his hair. The adventured all over the place and really enjoyed themselves! I think they kept waiting to see if I would make them get out and stop getting muddy…but I let them be kids and enjoy the mess while they had the chance!

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