Busy day.

Today was a day I had off from work, and 3 out of the 4 kiddos were at school. I started the day with taking the youngest to the doctor’s just for a check up. Then once we got home made some breakfast, and caught up on some of my shows. I really was not going to sit down and watch my shows because I had a big to do list I wanted to knock out while only having one kiddo around. My body told me to rest so I did just that. 1:30 rolled around and all I have accomplished was watching my shows and laundry. Organizing my top pantry was on my to do list and something I absolutely wanted to get done today. Sam called and said that he could take Heath if he wanted to go with him to run some errands today. Heath was all for it, so I took that opportunity to knock out my pantry. I ended up cleaning the top half and the bottom half. I am very happy with how the top turned out and I am getting a couple more containers for my canned goods that I think will really work perfect for my shelves. I am one who tries not to go to the store every single week or day because one…I live in the country and two going every day is ridiculous. I try to keep my pantry full and keep the things we use the most very well stocked. The canned items we use most are broth, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, soups, and veggies. I ordered a container that is actually for pop cans, but they were PERFECT for my canned goods. From now on I will make sure I keep them full to the max, and will stock that canned item once I am down to one. Plus it’s very eye pleasing when I open the pantry doors. Anyways, check out that before and after of the top pantry. I really didn’t throw much out I think just a handful that was past expiration. It’s crazy what these silly containers can do for your pantry and organization!

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