When He Notices.

This past weekend we spent all Sunday afternoon, well and night for that matter watching the guys burn. Usually we are a little more involved and right there with the guys when they are doing it because we ride with Sam when he does it. Well since we have currently four rangers we all had our own. We just made sure we stayed out of the smoke so we didn’t smell like it or the ranger didn’t smell like it. The first two burns went well, and the third one was the biggest. Well that was a little more time consuming when it came to that one. My sister in law and I had all the kids ranging from 2-8 and then at the end of it one 13 year old. I remind you it wasn’t one of the warmest days to burn. I was just planning on hanging out in the ranger for the majority of it, but at the last burn with it taking too long the kids clearly were getting anxious and wanted to run. We took off in the rangers and watched them literally run all over. I think the kids had one of their best days yet this year! Just being able to run free and play with friends and cousins all day long! I actually had an adult conversation for a long time and it was amazing. I think it was after 7 when it was all finally over. Sam had to run my brother back home, so he didn’t get home until after 9 I think it was or close to it. Leaving me to take care of the kiddos feeding them and get them in bed by myself. Which was perfectly fine nothing I couldn’t handle. Once he got home he couldn’t stop commenting about how thankful he was for me being so patient and understanding. In the past I probably wouldn’t have, I would have probably called him freaking out and giving him and earful. Knowing full on it was not his fault or anything, but just taking it out on him. I am proud to say this new outlook I have on life and things I have been doing for myself mentally and physically have been helping. Letting things go, living in the moment, and focusing on just being there. It was a good Sunday for everyone.

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