Slow Morning.

What a gloomy morning and what sounds like weekend. I am itching for the grass to really turn green. It’s slowly but surely coming through and I cannot wait for it! I got to sleep in until 7 o’clock and it felt amazing. We do not have much planned today other than Miss Rylee has her very first soccer game of the season. With just one practice last night we should be in for a treat! She is really excited and her team really looked great last night at practice. Other than that I will catch up on little things around the house and laundry. My laundry days are Tuesday and Thursday, but then catch up on it one more time before the weekend is over. Sunday, Sam talked about burning over at the river again, but it doesn’t look like weather is going to let it happen. I am actually looking forward to a somewhat slow weekend. Last night I filled in the rest of the calendar of Rylee’s events and oh my. April is FULL of everything. It’s going to get crazy these next couple of months before it calms down some what.

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