Here we go!

Calving season 2022

Marrying a farmer has it’s ups and downs. Its slow times and its busy times. Well 95% of the time it’s busy. We are getting out of that 5% down time, and starting now until the end of harvest it’s go time! Yes, it’s too early for field work, but not too early for getting the equipment ready to go to the field. Help ease the potential complications when it is finally time to be in the field and getting the work done. April, is busy for us because we have over 150 head of cattle who are starting to calve. Not just them, but we also have 19 heifers who are calving too. Now a lot of the time the cows are pros at this point, but they do every now and then run into some struggles. Calving means checking the herd more than once a day, and checking the heifers even more if they are showing signs of being ready. We like to start calving in mid April, to (hopefully) stay clear of any more snowfalls and low temps. This year the due date is April 10-12 anywhere in between there is when they are supposed to start. Yesterday we had Rylee’s soccer game and as we pulled into the drive I made a comment to Sam. I noticed a cow off by herself laying down. I said ope she might be having one. He went back out to finish chores and then I was getting ready to get lunch started for the kids. I happened to look out the kitchen window and I could see the same cow. Except this time she had another “blob” by her. I called Sam and said I am pretty sure you have your first calf down. I grabbed my binoculars and made sure. Sure enough, that sweet baby was up and going to town on mama! To Sam and my surprise another mama had one more too! We went out in the ranger with him to see them and get them tagged while they are still easy to catch. Oh how I love this time of the year. Both heifer calves, the first one we tagged Rylee named Clover. I am not sure if she got around to naming the second one or not. We drove through the rest of them and checked the heifers so we had an idea. There will definitely be a couple more calved today or tonight (if they didn’t already have them yesterday). Bring on the cow checking and busy time of the year! Is it too early to say I am ready for harvest to be over? 😉 Kidding of course! I need some sweet babies to love on for awhile!

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