One Down.

Well we have had one down for the count in our house. Rylee girl has had so much drainage and a gnarly cough for the last week to a week and a half. Tuesday night she was crying while she was sleeping, Sam when down and talked to her and she was still a little out of it. She was complaining of her ear hurting, so we brought her upstairs to just keep an eye on her better. We gave her some Tylenol, so we decided she probably won’t be going to until we get her into the doctors. Wednesday morning I was able to get her into Urgent care first thing, Sam took her since I had to work. She hadn’t ran a fever at all, and then when they took her temperature it had spiked. Ear infection was confirmed, so she came back home with her temp high and rested all day. It’s been awhile since she has been down for the count. She looks so much better today, and has no temperature. We are hoping to keep it down and not have to give her Tylenol today so she can get back to school tomorrow. We are all in need of some sunshine and warm weather! We thankfully don’t get too much illness around here, and when we do it always seems to be an ear infection. I am blaming that one on their dad! I will claim the strep throat, as I always had that when I was younger. Grahm is starting to have a gnarly cough now too, here it to hoping he blows his nose and we don’t have another one get an ear infection. What is it with kids wanting to just sniff their snot right back up?! Why?!

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