Feeling Fancy.

I cannot wait for my new stamp to get here! This isn’t an exact picture of the stamp, but pretty much is! My stamp will have my phone number under it too. I just wasn’t about to put my number out there for everyone to see. We have 20 chickens who lay eggs, and of those 20 we only have about 12 eggs we get in a day give or take a few. Anyways, the kiddos do the chores and we sell the eggs to those who want them. Lately we haven’t been able to keep up with egg cartons, so I just purchased some off of Amazon. Usually we get them back from our “customers” but lately we have not. I was up late on Monday night, and for whatever reason decided to buy a stamp for our egg cartons that we hand out. Each carton will get stamped with our new stamp and I am so freaking excited for it! We are getting new chicks in June, and hopefully today from Theisen’s, I am going to have to call first thing and see what is going on. They usually get their chicks on Wednesday, but I haven’t heard anything back from them. I put my order in to hold some that we were unable to get from the hatchery due to bird flu. Mostly our colorful layers. If for whatever reason they do not get it I am going to buy eggs to hatch and just hatch them out. I know my chances of getting all hens are very slim, but if I get a rooster I already told myself I am keeping them separate from the hens and I will breed them when I figure out the correct color combo for eggs! My husband is going to be so thrilled when he hears about this! I already told him I am doing it! I will just sell the ones I don’t need or want and hope I am not in over my head! Here is to some happy chicks and a happy wife! 🙂

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