To That Mom.

Yesterday, we had an extremely busy day! I left my house at 8:40 am and didn’t get home until after 6 at night. We started off with Rylee’s soccer game, which we were late to because well…it was really shitty weather, and if ANYONE on the soccer board would have looked at it they would have realized that oh yeah maybe we should cancel it before the storm gets there along with everyone else. We got there a little late. They played the first 10 minutes of the game and guess what…it got called because of the lightning and thunder. It passed quickly and then the 10 o’clock games proceeded. We stayed and watched my niece play her game. I remind you it was me and three kids. Rylee has been draining, coughing, and has an ear infection which we have medication for. Now to my point of all of this. I would just like to call the mom out who sat close to us with the disgusted face, eyes beaming in disgust, and all the unwanted stares. Grahm and Heath were with me, and I mean we live on the farm, we hunt, we allow our kids to be fucking kids. Heath had been playing in the mud and picking up sticks, well one stick he had picked up reminded him of a pistol and a rifle. Together him and Heath were playing wonderfully together. Grahm would “shoot” a coyote and Heath would go retrieve it. I don’t know how many awful looks I had from that mom, like “I can’t believe you are letting your kids do that or play that”. You know what there is nothing wrong with my kids playing that, hell they are using their imagination and staying off of electronics and they are being kids! I remember when me as a child and the neighbor kids could run down the freaking streets/sidewalks with Nerf guns and water guns and no one would think twice about it. I am sorry, you might not approve but I don’t give a damn what you think. My kids are being raised right, and if that makes you uncomfortable then that’s on you. If my kids are interested in guns and hunting we are going to encourage it. We are going to teach them, we are going to allow them to be curious, but not in a way that is harmful to them or others. Let your kids be fucking kids. Also, to the mom and the same mom I might add who stared at my daughter who was by our car and not by anyone else, coughing up a lung today. Yeah, you…I saw your stares and your wide eyes like “Oh my gosh I can’t believe you brought your child out to something in public sounding like that” Lady….live your life in fucking fear if that makes you feel better. I am not a fucking idiot who is going to bring my daughter out in public if she is contagious or has anything that could easily be contagious. It’s a damn cold plus an ear infection. I realize Covid has everyone giving you the stink eye if you cough, or come running to you with the whole infectious control suits on. LIVE YOUR LIFE. Quit with the mom shaming, or guilt trip because that’s not how you would do it or what you think is best. If I gave a single fuck about what you thought about my parenting…trust me I would ask.

So to “That Mom” today, you are lucky I kept my tongue bit and kept my cool. Your looks, remarks, stares, and everything else you sent my way were noticed. I kept my mouth shut to you, but encouraged my children to keep doing what they were doing. Hell I even helped them “shoot” a coyote myself.

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