Say what.

The other day was my day off, and I literally accomplished SO much in the morning. I got up early got Grahm up to get ready for school and let Sam sleep in. Then once he left I started laundry, swept and vacuumed our floors, did dishes, and I mean the list honestly goes on and on. I got so much done. I am waiting on a few containers (yes again) I know I am absolutely ridiculous, to get here so I can finally control my Kleenex above my washer and dryer. They are just thrown up there and I want them to be a little more eye appealing when I walk in. Plus I ordered some freezer containers to “hopefully” organize our 150 lbs. of beef we packaged. Once that gets here I will get busy again. Anyways, it never fails the moment I sit down put a show on and watch t.v. he comes walking in. The first thing he says to me is “wow you have a hard life” I just looked at him rolled my eyes real big, and said I have seriously accomplished so much today and starting naming off everything I did. He goes yeah it looks great. Alright, so thanks for realizing that I haven’t just sat here and watched t.v. all day. I really thought about mowing today, but thought I would wait until after this rain we are supposed to get. Plus once you mow it for the first time it just comes back faster and faster. I have enough going on even if it looks like I am just watching my shows to have to worry about the upkeep of the yard right now. Trust me when I say this, when you walk into the house and see your significant other sitting there doing nothing…don’t just assume they haven’t been doing anything!

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