The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift.

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When you think of Father’s Day, and seeing all the ads or commercials what is the main gift that you see? Drum roll…a grill or smoker or something along those lines. Let me fill you in on a little secret…my husband isn’t a fan of either one of these. Does he grill? Yes, but he would rather me do it because he isn’t comfortable with it. I have always wanted a smoker, I have talked to him about it and he looked at me like I was crazy because he has absolutely no interest in doing it or learning how to. I decided not to get it with my gift money awhile ago. Well then I got it back in my head that I still wanted one. Ready for the bad part? I decided what a perfect gift for my husband for Father’s Day!! Yup, purchased the “Ultimate Father’s Day Gift” a smoker for my husband full-heartedly knowing he did not want one. Does that make me a bad wife? Nah, he will enjoy what it makes for him to eat! He is someone so hard to buy for because he wants specific things and some of those things are not really in my department to shop for. It always ends up with me saying go buy it yourself and then he never does. He was so thrilled to unload his early Father’s Day gift from my trunk early, because I needed to get my kids in the car. Seriously am I the worst?

I am hoping to score major points when it comes to his birthday gift. He has been asking for this for awhile now and I am hoping this makes up for the poor gift I gave him for Father’s Day!

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