Let’s Try it Again.

Welp, Miss Rylee girl had a big birthday last week, and the day before it she decided to get a double ear infection. Poor girl! Her birthday party was scheduled for last Saturday, and Friday night she decided to spike a temp. She just didn’t feel up to doing anything, so I felt like it was best if we cancelled it. I felt horrible, but didn’t want to risk getting all the girls sick. Well she continued to spike a temp the rest of the weekend, but I never gave her anything for it. Within the hour of her spiking one it would go back down.

Today, she had her yearly physical so I thought perfect timing I will let the doctor know what is going on. Well, come to find out her ears haven’t gained anything. The poor girl is still fighting an ear infection, drainage, and a lovely cough due to it all. The doctor prescribed her something a little stronger to help knock it all out of the park. We will follow back up in two weeks to make sure that the medicine took care of it all.

Tonight we have an open house/meet the teachers and then tomorrow is the first day of school! What a week to start for Miss Rylee. We have managed to go all summer long not having any illnesses and now the week of school we are dealing with this! Let’s hope the kids have built a strong immunity, because I am so not ready for the sickness to hit once school starts.

Here is to a good year, and hoping that my kindergartener will keep up his positive attitude about school after a week being in it 🙂

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