Summer Ending.

Wow, I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Summer coming to an end and school starting up in 3 short days. How is that possible?! I am so not ready for the kiddos to go back, even though they are all three (yes all three) 😦 super excited to go back to school! The only reason I am the tiniest bit ready is because I need to get back into that routine, not that we had a major one, but I just felt more organized. Whereas once Summer hits it is basically fly by the seat of your pants type of schedule.

My heart breaks a bit for miss Rylee though. She had a birthday this week, and her big birthday bash with friends was supposed to happen today/tonight/tomorrow. Earlier this week she came down with a double ear infection, and then Friday night she just seemed a little tired and out of it. Her temp was not too high, but high enough I didn’t want to risk exposing anything to the kids if she has something other than ear infections. Then today rolled around and she was night and day difference. Still a little tired but a lot better! I told her that we will have to reschedule when we know she is feeling 100% better. I think she was afraid she just wouldn’t have a party. That’s getting pushed back, but everyone was understanding and was okay with that plan!

I posted awhile ago about my reading list. I have two books left from that list that I have not read. I can’t even believe it myself! I have read a total of 7 books THIS month, that’s more books I have read in YEARS! Honestly, I would prefer to sit with a book than stream a show. Yesterday, when I got home from work I knew I wouldn’t get much reading done this weekend with Rylee’s party. I didn’t start a new one, and once I got everything done yesterday I was just bored and wanted to read. That never happens! Once I decided to cancel her party I knew what I would be doing all day today! Except now my head and eyes are not very happy with me so I am going to call it a night and wake up hopefully seeing clearer! Will most likely start another book ONCE my house is back in sorts!

P.S. HUGE news…this mama is officially DONE buying diapers/pullups! Less than one week and the last kiddo has pottying figured out! Big sigh of relief! It only took three tries! This time he was mentally ready to do it, and what a breeze that made it!

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