Tasteful Tuesday.

Planning ahead this week came easier than others. I had my meals planned out since the beginning of last week, since I knew I would need some groceries. A couple new recipes that I am trying this week. Last nights meal was a new one. It wasn’t horrible…the kids all loved it, but I would safely say it is one that I probably won’t be requesting frequently. I have other favorites. Thursday nights are designated crockpot meals, with soccer practice getting over later.

Monday: Cheese Baked Tortellini

Tuesday: Leftovers – Cross country meet

Wednesday: Chicken Grillers

Thursday: Creamy Ranch, Chicken, and Potatoes

Friday: Leftovers

Our leftover nights depend on the amount of food we have left, some weeks I end up making an easy meal on our leftover nights because our meals in the week didn’t have much for leftovers. When I made a new meal every day it would depend on what we had, if we would have a lot of leftovers or not. It kind of got to the point where I needed to step back on a couple of days and that suited our family best. As always check out the full recipes here: https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/

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