Harvest is Near.

I am in no means ready for fall. Sam told me the other day that if everything goes right they should be in the field at the end of the week. Holy smokes. You know when you think you are ready for something, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it’s here? Yeah, that’s about how I feel. I have harvest meals on a list, but nothing pre-cooked and frozen. Call me crazy, but I just feel like it’s so much easier to just make it the day of. I do have some that are crockpot meals because I know there will be days I need to rely on my crockpot. I can’t be everywhere at once. Harvest meals consist of a good main dish and a couple of sides usually, along with some type of dessert whether it’s a super easy one or more elaborate. I feed anywhere from 4-5 people, plus my own family.

I only started doing this last year, and I felt so guilty that it took me that long to start doing it more consistently. I absolutely love doing it though. It might stress me out some, but I am so happy I am able to feed those who help our country out so much more than people realize!

Along with keeping supper to the farmers, the reality of being a single mama for the next 1-2 months sets in even harder. Pray for those farmwives, farm mamas, and all the farmers out there during this busy time of the year. It is a struggle for everyone involved. Mama’s taking on so many extra things by herself, needing the support of her farmer when she can’t get it, the kiddos missing their dad’s because he stays out late and wakes early, the constant worry and praying of a safe harvest.

Here is to harest!

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