Look At You Go!

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Holy freaking smokes! I have to say, this mama is on it this year! The guys are not going to know what to think when they get their W2s Friday with their checks! This is such a huge relief for me. I was just telling Sam that I will never EVER forget the first time I was in charge of all that good stuff all by myself. It was the first year that they decided to change forms so you had to have two different forms for 1099s, one for NEC and MISC. My mom decided to go to Arizona for three months so I was left high and dry to figure out the whole thing in less than a week! Let’s just say I probably gained a lot of gray hairs that week, and earned myself a bottle of wine to celebrate when it was over!

This year, well your girl got it done in record time! Feeling slightly bad-ass too. We have this new software for our office. I say new, but really it’s like 4-5 years old. It isn’t the easiest to fix issues or upgrade. We were kind of left high and dry when we started it. Basically they helped us move our information over and let us go on our way! Yikes! To my point here…we cannot do end of the year things until the software is updated. Which, everyone and their dogs are trying to do that. In return it takes days to get a phone call back for them to help you upgrade the system. Well guess who finally figured it out on how to upgrade the software all by herself. This mama did! Only took 20 minutes if that, but that’s way faster than playing phone tag and having the software company do it!

Side note…who am I posting every day of the year so far! WHAT?!

3 thoughts on “Look At You Go!

  1. Good morning Abbey! You are on fire woman and 5 days in a row. I am trying the same and have found that if I write when it strikes me and then can schedule it to post the next day. Keep it up I love the little write ups of your days and the enthusiasm that always comes through. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it and always enjoy reading your posts! I have been trying to do just that! Taking a little time when I feel it and then scheduling it!


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