Back to School.

Can you hear that?! Either can I 🙂 It means this mama got to enjoy her coffee in the quiet and while it was still hot this morning! The kiddos head back to school today, and they are all looking forward to it! Grahm gets a PJ day to go with his winter party that got canceled do to the blizzard we got. Rylee, well she is just excited to go see all her friends she is our social bug! Cooper gets to start basketball tonight and I know he is looking forward to that! It is the start up of all things crazy again, back to normal life as we know it. This month seems to be a little crazy yet. We have one more family Christmas, birthdays, basketball games, and everything else.

I am getting my to do list ready as I type this, so I can jump in and get started on my day! It’s easier to get it started before Heath wakes up for the day. He is pretty independent, but he loves his mama. Here is to a good day back to school, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

3 thoughts on “Back to School.

  1. LOL I read something somewhere about to-do lists. They say to always start them with getting out of bed and drinking coffee. That way if things get in the way at the very least you have accomplished two things and can still feel proud. 🙂

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