Doing It.

Hey!!! I am so stinking excited, about this new journey that I decided to take! I have talked about it before and I have made a page strictly for it on my website. See it here

January, February, and March are customer specials EVERY week!! This week until the 17th you get yourself the main course of a completed look for any look! The best part of it all you get it for FREE! The limitless mascara has capixyl in it, which helps strengthen and thicken hair. Making your lashes noticeably longer.

I am so close to hitting my goal for the month and I am only into the second week of the month! If I meet my goal before the end of the month I will strive to go even higher! I will probably spend one of of the posts for the week on here strictly talking about my new adventure! I am excited to share more on it all, and if you are at all curious check it out on the above link!

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