The Last One.

Why?! Why on Earth is it the last child that is the wildest?! I don’t even know what to do with him. He has been potty trained for awhile now, but for whatever reason the last two nights he has had troubles. This might be too much information, but this is real life having kids truth. Who am I to sit here and act like it is all peachy?

Shit. Literal shit. ALL OVER THE BATHROOM. Not once but twice in a row! I can’t even. We were all watching an animal documentary the first night when I realized he wasn’t in the living room. I looked all over for him, and found him in the bathroom. Shit smeared all over my floors, all over the toilet, literally a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet, and all over him. Immediately picked him up and took him to the other bathroom and put him in the bathtub. Sam watched him while I cleaned up the shit – literally.

Second night, I’m waiting for everyone to finish eating, and Heath was done already along with Grahm. They were playing and I had called to Heath to make sure he was done before picking up his plate. He was. Then within 10 minutes I looked around and everyone but Heath was in the living room. Instant panic…where is Heath. All I hear is Rylee saying I think he is in the bathroom. You guys! I went straight there to the same exact bathroom and had dejavu all over again. Except the shit was actually there and I was looking at the same situation I was in the night before. I opened the door and all I said was I can’t. I can’t even. Sam came and he was on the shit duty. I grabbed Heath took him straight to the other bathroom and gave him a bath.

Can we just send all the good vibes that this doesn’t happen for a third night in a row. I really could use a break on that end!

3 thoughts on “The Last One.

  1. Have you asked him why he is doing this? I realize he is little but there is always a reason even if we don’t know it. Big emotions he does not know how to deal with? Is he home during the day while the others are in school? And this is his way of acting out? IDK I am not a child psychologist or anything these are just thoughts based on things that I have read. What type of documentary were you watching? I wish I could help you clean the bathroom if it does happen a third time but I have my fingers crossed, and my toes even that it is not going to happen again. These are the moments that in them we are thinking why did we have this child? But also you have a story he will never want you to repeat to anyone…..

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    1. So far so good! We have been watching animal documentaries, and no they were showing where/how they go to the bathroom in them 😆 I’m just wondering if he was waiting too long or something, and things started moving as he was working on getting his pants down. We asked what happened and he goes idk. He was definitely embarrassed and worked up about it. He was really trying to get it cleaned up. I think it might just be he didn’t get there in time. I told him from now on he just needs to holler for me when he is done and I can help him. Fingers crossed it is just a two time occurrence 🤞🏻


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