What a Ride.

This sweet, strong little girl had an eventful day/night Thursday. This past week Sam has been gone on his annual hunting trip, which he was hesitant to leave anyways with the bad weather that was in the forecast. I told him to go and he didn’t need to worry about us! I said if it’s too bad we won’t be going anywhere and people will just have to understand that. Anyways…

I kept Ry from school because she was coughing uncontrollably and just looked miserable. I honestly thought she was just trying to get out of school. I already had a run in with another kiddo coughing like crazy and I had to come pick him up from school. I decided not wanting to be on the road with the little one again that I would just keep her home. She rested the majority of the day, and mama bear would check on her quite a bit.

I noticed a change in her breathing pattern and decided to listen to her lungs, her left side was horrible and her right wasn’t bad. I quickly made an appointment with urgent care, and Mel watched the boys.

Long story short: we got an ambulance ride to the er with her pulse ox being only 85%! She was put on oxygen but that wasn’t helping, labs, testing, chest X-ray, this girl was a trooper!!

Ry has pneumonia and is feeling crummy, but this sweet girl got two ambulance rides in one day! The staff were wonderful, but due to not having a pediatric hall we ended up getting transferred to another hospital.

We spent a couple nights in the hospital, but Ry was finally able to hold her on when it came to her oxygen. Now, you wouldta I’m so beyond thankful I trusted my gut and took her in when I did! 💕💕

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