Power to my mama.

Practice life.

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to this. Being a kid and being active in sports before I was able to drive myself there and mom had two other kids she had to taxi everywhere. We didn’t give her enough credit or appreciation.

Now being that mom who has four kids I feel really bad at how little gratitude I probably showed when she ran us all over the place. Going from working all day every day, coming home and having little to no time to think then getting everyone back into the car to go to a practice. Doing homework with the little ones in the car while waiting for practice to get done. Just having to be flexible or fly by the seat of your pants on those practice days. Especially this time of the year for me personally. I don’t dare ask Sam for help while he’s in the field. Which I know he could take one or two with him, but it’s more of a hassle for him and he can get so much more done without them. Where I just sit in a car and do nothing. I’m thankful for kids who are easy going and can be happy usually anywhere we go. Unless they are tired and then all hell breaks loose. Is it easier to stay home absolutely, but I am not going to discourage my kids from trying activities that they are interested in because I don’t want to run ragged. This year was the first year that we had more than one child in a sport. We basically lived in our car 85% of the time, and my poor car looked it. Some days were stressful, but we managed and each kid really enjoyed being able to do something that they wanted. Plus it’s fun watching them grow in their activities.

What is something that your parents did for you when you were growing up, that you now do for your child(ren) and realize how much work it really is?

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