Exciting news.

It’s an exciting week for us around the farm! Last year (which we all know how last year went for everyone) hit pretty hard when the derecho came through and knocked out a huge chunk of our farm, land, and buildings. It came out of no where and I am so thankful that everyone and the animals made it out safely. With all the damage we had on the farm, it put a jump start to our farm and the growing process of it all. Which at the thought of it all was super nerve-wracking for me, but I knew it would all be okay and I would appreciate it in the near future. Well that near future came and the building isn’t even here yet. I am beyond excited for this new cattle shed to come, the whole process of it all and the functionality of it will be amazing and work so much better than our current set up. I am even hoping Sam will teach me some of the ropes and I can help out here and there besides keeping the fridge stocked! 😉

It will hold 500-600 head of cattle, that will be ours plus being able to custom feed for others. Along with an indoor working facility, office, 2 manure bays (so hopefully the smell won’t be near as bad and will be able to get scraped more frequently then what is currently being done), loading dock…it’s just overall going to be awesome to have on the farm!

As I was sitting to write this I got a phone call from the husband, exciting news that the floor will be done this week, but apparently the building that he was told would be here and ready to go as soon as the floor was done is now not going to be here and completed until the end of January. Which then turns around and messes up everything we had originally planned to do. We can manage, but having that building up this month was essential for so many reasons. We need to wean calves off, we needed this barn up so we didn’t get stuck having to buy cattle to put into this barn. Ugh, trying not to get frustrated here, but we really needed this to be done this month.

Alright, not to turn this “exciting” post into a Debbie downer, I better remind myself how exciting this will be when it gets completed and how essential it will be for so many reasons. Maybe that’s why I am just so excited for this barn to be finished. Here is to hoping the Lord works in his ways to help speed this process along for us.

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