Just ask.

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to ask for help, but it is and it always has been. I don’t like asking for help I much rather just do it myself…that’s just me I have always been that way. It’s something I am proud of, I usually learn a lot when I don’t ask but probably push my sanity while doing so. For the most part I am fairly decent at keeping organized and planning ahead…once again I have always been like that. Tonight my oldest has soccer practice tonight his 2nd one of the three he has this week and that’s not including his game he has. Actually I am currently sitting in the parking lot waiting for him to get done. I have mentioned before that I am not one to take something away from my children that they are interested in doing. However, this one is making me really think twice about signing him up. One, it’s through the YMCA in town, and two who the heck needs to practice three freaking times in a week? That’s just flipping crazy to me. I get it for a school sporting event, but for the YMCA is it really necessary? Anyways, tonight practice is from 8:30-9:30pm….insert the eye-roll here…got it? Good! It was a really big one. Excuse me while I go off on how ridiculous it is to have a practice ON A FREAKING SCHOOL NIGHT until 9:30pm. Like what the fuck? Who does that? That means by the time we get home it will be 10pm, and then by the time that he showers he won’t be in bed until 10:30pm ON A FREAKING SCHOOL NIGHT! Oh just wait, what about the other children and those who don’t live in town or don’t have anyone else to stay home with the other kids you ask? They just have to get dragged out late at night ON A FREAKING SCHOOL NIGHT, are ya catching my drift? Well I decided to see if my mother in law was available to come watch the kids for me, which in the end is pretty much her getting them in bed because it’s their bedtime at 8:30pm. Thankfully she was able to save my butt, and she could watch them. Who knows if she will be able to do this all the time though. I am glad it worked out and I am glad I asked. It kept my sanity in check and it helped the kiddos out by not getting messed up with their bedtime routines. Kind of rambling, kind of getting off track, kind of swearing (but if you know me it’s the norm), and kind of stepped out of my comfort zone and asked for help. Now, 15 minutes before we can head home and I can curl up into bed.

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