New Year, New Goals!

It has been over a month since I have last shared a post. My goal is to try posting every day or every other day. I am not sure how it will go but here is to aiming high! A lot has happened since I have posted last. I really enjoyed taking time off and focused on me and my family and the holidays. Trust me, there were times where I just wanted to pull out my computer and just rip into all the things to help me mentally, but it’s probably a good thing I spared you all from that. From the start writing has always been my way to ease the stress, anxiety, and every other emotion that I have. I am excited to see what the new year brings! This last week I have been off of work for a work bonus, and the kiddos have been off from school for break. We have played an ungodly amount of UNO and Skip-bo over break and it has just been so much fun. We have been lazy, building forts, the kids made a new “secret” hide out in the basement, which I must add is a pretty sweet set up that they have! I have to head back to work Monday, and I am not sure that I am ready to go back. We finally got snow after Christmas, and this weekend it’s supposed to get pretty crappy and FREEZING like -20 windchill. I am so not ready for it. The snow is falling and blowing as I type this. Yesterday I got the rabbits new winter home ready for them, and oh my goodness they are obsessed with it! They have so much room and they get to run around and play. They are so happy there, and we just might keep them in there for the remainder of their lives. It’s easier for the kiddos to get to them and be able to hold them and play with them better too.

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