New ride.

We have been in a long process of ordering a new Ranger since what feels like last year. Except when I think about it we ordered them the beginning of this year. We were supposed to get them in the summer, but they cancelled the order because they were no longer making 2021 Rangers anymore. That meant we had to wait longer and get a newer model. Which ended up working out and it was fine. We just didn’t know when we would be getting it. Especially with how slow shipping is and everything. Well last week they came in and the dealership worked endless hours to get them ready. We got the call Friday evening that they were ready for pick up! Saturday, Sam went to get it and oh my word. I don’t think I ever loved an off road vehicle more than this! We upgraded (from our old one) to a crew cab, so now we can all as a family sit comfortably in the Ranger and enjoy it more when we go on rides. I have spent so much time in ours already this weekend and I am really going to love it when it gets nice out again. Enjoy some of our pictures from this weekends little adventure. We certainly had a good weekend and it was much needed! Since we have been talking about getting new ones I have pretty much claimed this one as mine and Sam can use his old one πŸ™‚ Which he is on the same page as me, but these cold days when he needs it more than me I suppose I will let him take it πŸ˜‰ It has a heater and the somewhat full doors, so it really is better on the cold days. I just told him if something happens to the Ranger I hope it’s him and not me that screws it up first.

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