When it hits you.

Rylee girl is 7 years old and I have known for awhile now that she is really getting too big on me all of a sudden. The moment it really hits me though is when she graduates from the little hangers to the big hangers. 😦 As I am doing laundry this week I am finding myself grabbing for the big hangers to hang her clothes and it catches me off guard. She is really growing up too fast on me. Hard to believe that she will be in 3rd grade next year. Mind B L O W I N G. She really is the sweetest thing, but she has her sassy moments at times. Girl gets her attitude from her mama, and don’t you dare tell dad that I admitted it. I always wonder when becoming a mother if how I am raising my children will make them into a strong, independent, caring person. We have our moments always as parents and I am always afraid that those moments will stick with them and not the ones that will count. I know it’s not just me who feels this way I am sure all parents have it at the back of their minds as well. We can only hope that our kiddos grow into something amazing. I can’t wait to continue watching her grow and hopefully make it through her teenage years without too many door slams and screaming 🙂

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