Back to reality.

Yesterday, was a full, busy day! It was my first day back since December, 22nd. My work allowed us to have the week off paid and it was wonderful! I was really not wanting to go back to work, but I must say it was really really nice going back. I felt like a normal person and felt human again. The first time I applied makeup in over a week. I kept busy with being off for a week, so I had a lot of catching up to do and switching over files for the new year! This week the kiddos start back up to school only for a couple days which will probably be a little rough for Rylee girl! We have been pretty lenient when it has come to her bed time over break. I think we have all enjoyed being on a little break over the past couple of weeks. Today it all caught up to me and the constant needs and wants every 30 seconds were making me go crazy. Normal mom frustrations. I had to get groceries today, so luckily the husband was able to watch the little ones and I could sneak away for a hour to get a little peace and quiet. It was definitely a much needed time away and my mind needed it to recuperate. I love my kiddos , but it is good for everyone that mom gets a break. Now to get organized for the kiddos going back to school, and get us back into our routine and organization.

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