Mother of the flipping year.

Today is the first day back for the kiddos, and I have never felt more organized for it in my life. Guessss what! I deserve mother of the year and it’s only the beginning of it. The kiddos were supposed to have their winter parties the last day before break, and school ended up getting canceled so they didn’t get to do it. Well, I got an email from Grahm’s teacher saying that they will have there polar express party and pajama party on Thursday when they get back. Perfect we got it all ready to go the day before so things go smoothly. Then I got an email shortly after break started from Rylee’s teacher saying they too will have their parties when they return. Again, we got all her things ready to go for the next day so it too would run smoothly. Morning comes and everyone got ready excellent because they are ready for their pajama party and winter party. Wearing their pajamas that they picked out, and getting their winter gear on to get on the bus. 8:15 I open up my emails and notice an email from Rylee’s teacher saying don’t forget about pajama day TOMORROW. Oh my LORD, Rylee will be the only kid in her class wearing her pajamas today. Oh dear Lord, I hope that she isn’t embarrassed or shy because of it. I quickly emailed her teacher telling her to not mind Rylee in her pajamas today, as I thought it was today and not tomorrow. Goooood….hopefully she has the excitement tomorrow and will wear a different pair for her party.

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