The death of a pet.

The one thing no one prepares you for when it comes to pets is the death of one. Especially when it is unexpected. This morning we found this sweet boy deceased in his roomy winter shed. We have three rabbits, and this little girl wanted a rabbit more than anything and of course hers is the one that had a tragic ending. We have moved the rabbits into this shed with a heat lamp for the winter so they would stay warm. Well, it was an absolute blast watching them go all over the place playing with each other. We have had them in their new shed for multiple months and had no issue with them being there. Well last night early morning we think a damn weasel found its way into the shed and got it. It’s still under investigation and for now since it’s going to get warmer out this week we are going to move the other two into the outside cages so nothing will get them. We will be setting up traps in the shed to see if we can catch anything. I know rabbits can be aggressive towards each other, but with them having so much room and being together for multiple months I don’t think it was from another rabbit. With the kiddos having Sunday school this morning she hasn’t been told the news yet….and I am not looking forward to having to crush her today with the bad news. Why does owning pets/animals have to be so fun and heartbreaking. Please send all the good vibes to our little girl today as we will have one very heartbroken girl when we get home from church. 😦 I am so not ready for this.

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